Though concrete stains are an excellent way of achieving colored concrete, a concrete stains are somewhat limited in the colors used. With a concrete dye you can achieve almost any color desired. The combination of both a concrete stain and a concrete dye can provide a you the customer with a unique tone or hue that no one else has. 

Where to use: 

  • Enhance stain colors in areas of a slab where the stain is not reacting with the concrete and the color needs to be intensified.
  • Commercial applications like restaurants, showrooms and retail spaces.
  • Vertical applications, stencils, and logos.
  • Add visual texture and depth to a concrete surface or cementitious topping.
  • Shift color from subtle earth tones to vibrant hues.
  • Build layers of color.
  • Soften areas where the chemical stain has produced an overly bright tone.

Limitations: Dyes penetrate very quickly which leaves little room for error or changing ones mind. Also, they are not UV stable. This almost certainly limits its use to indoors only.

Concrete Dye:

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Brickform Pro Concrete Dye

Brickform Pro Concrete Dye


  • Interior Use Only
  • Easy To Spray Apply
  • Dries Quickly
  • Use Any Spray-On Sealer